Ventilated Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Regular price $35.90
  • BEST RELAXATION AND PERFECT REST. The memory foam pillow with neck support reduces pain in the shoulders, back and neck, allowing your muscles to fully relax for the most comfortable sleep
  • GREAT HEALTHY FEELING. The ergonomic pillow helps the spine stay in the right aligned position so that you won’t have a headache or muscle pain in the morning
  • HYPOALLERGENIC INNOVATIVE MATERIAL. The memory foam migraine pillow for neck pain was developed using a hypoallergenic material and with additional protection from mold, dust, and mites
  • HIGH-QUALITY CASE. The breathing fabric, which is used for the case, is machine washable. Stains can be removed from the firm pillow with the help of a soap solution
  • SLEEP IN ANY POSITION YOU LIKE. The orthopedic chiropractic memory foam pillow is great for the side, back and stomach sleepers. Use our pillow for comfortable sleep in any position you are used to. Great for people who prefer firmer pillows

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